1873.05.18. During the gathering chaired by Szabó Dénes, the reformed believers in Săcele addressed archpriest Gábor Csiszér the request to set up a church affiliated to the reformed church in Budila.

1882.12.03. They join the church in Brașov, the masses are officiated in the public superior people’s school’s room, the priest commutes from Brașov.

1886.12.01. Two new plots of land are purchased: for the rectory, next to Tisztapatak (Clear Rivulet) in Satulung, and for the church, the Czirka type barn.

1889.05.05. Instead of rebuilding the stone barn, they decided to build a new church.

1889.11.17. They purchased a plot of land in Berkár, located in front of the public school, from attorney Leményi Miklós, PhD, in Brașov.

1893.07.16. They decided to cast two new bells, which were already received on October 23rd. The church was built.

The plans were developed by architect Szalay Ferenc in Sibiu, as well as the budget, and in the summer of 1892, the construction works were initiated, under the pasturage of priest Zsigmond Károly.

1895.10.06. Bishop Szász Domokos sanctified the church (45,6174° N; 25,6975° E; 639 m); it is 21.22m long; 8.12m wide, and the belfry is 23.63m high.

1912.06.14. They decided to build a new rectory to replace the old one, which was very humid. It was built between 1913 and 1915.

Repairs, renovations, reconstructions took place in 1928, 1936 and 1938-ban

1929.03.03. The old bell was not repaired, but, instead, a new one was commissioned.

1953.Inclusion under Erdővidék (Forest Land) Archpriestship.

1957.06.06. The vocational school, which used it up to this date, retroceded the rectory building to the church.

1966.04.00. The church repair works; an interior gallery was built.

1967.04.04. It is requested that the church be declared a parish.

1973.11.06. The completion of major renovation works.

1977.03.04. The earthquake causes important damages to the church and the rectory.

1981.nclusion under Brașov Archpriestship.

1992.06.00. The priest’s home was arranged; the room was expanded.

1993.03.21. The prayer hall was opened, with Dutch support.