The church celebrating the Assumption of Mother Mary in Satulung is located 12km away from Brașov. The church was built between 1811 and 1819, with the contribution of the Christians in Satulung. It is a historical monument as of 1924. The archives of the church do not comprise any documents attesting the name of the church’s architect, of the builder or the cost of the works on this monumental church. It is made of stone and brick, with a tile roof. The church has a length of 32m and a width of 8m, with a distance of 14m between the apses. On the West side, in front of the narthex, there is a porch with the towering belfry. The painting was made in oil and it represents the most complex work of the Transylvanian painter Mișu Pop between 1870 and 1874. The mural paintings, totaling 67 scenes, are distributed on the church walls, on the porch, nave and altar vaults. The painting belongs to the Realism style, with Renaissance reflexes, and it is extremely valuable. The iconostasis is made of carved wood, the tympanum painting, apart from the imperial icons, being the work of an unknown artist. Traces of painting and fresco are visible on the exterior wall of the church, which shows that the interior was painted before Mișu Pop’s work. Exterior restoration works were carried out in 1911 and 1938, when the tower was newly covered with tiles. The painting was washed in 1924 by painter Molda. The church accommodates numerous valuable items, such as a silver chalice - with guilded flower-shaped decorations, bearing the date of 11 September 1853, a finished silver tabernacle. The epitaph is especially valuable, since it was developed in Odessa with gold lace, on burgundy velvet. Another smaller epitaph is the work of painter Mișu Pop. The lecterns, the small iconostasis, the archpriest chair, the analogion, the cross on the Holy Altar are carved in oak by Dumitru Gafton.

The parish cemetery is located in the surrounding churchyard.

The priests officiating at this church were: Ioan Verzea(1812-1830), Ioan Martinovici(1813-1831), Alexe Verzea(1825-1831), Ieremia Verzea(1825-1831), Neagoe Popeea(1831-1874), Ioan Martinovici(1838-1856), Victor Popeea(1875-1921), Zenovia Popovici(1904-1941), Gheorghe Șerbu(1937-1980), Gheorghe Lanescu(1945-1952), Ioan Bădițoiu(1953-1986), Ioan Cornea 1981- prezent, Mircea Leb 1986- current date.