In 1857, the community purchased the lumber factory, where the evangelical church, the rectory and the cemetery are currently located, on a plot of land of 3 hectares.

1858.11.25. The school is commissioned in Satulung-Suseni (45,6122° N; 25,7313° E; 673 m), – currently, the rectory-, where masses were also officiated on Sundays.

In 1886, the believers’ community independence movement starts in Suseni.

1887.08.28. The general assembly held in Suseni declared independence and the “Augustan Confession Evangelical Church in Satulung-Suseni” is established.

1890. The “building of a church that suits the needs of the times” is contemplated.

In 1895, Bánhegyi Aladár developed the church plan.

1895.05.12. The church cornerstone is laid, (45,6121° N; 25,7308° E; 676 m), contractor Szabó Mihály from Brașov starts the construction works. It is built “with empty walls, underneath the roof”.

1899.05.07. Under the pasturage of priest Petrovics Pál, bishop Zelenka Pál sanctifies the new church, (28.33m long, 12.66m wide – 38.25m high tower)

In 1916 the Roman army seized the bells and the organ flutes.

In 1927, the new bells are mounted under the pasturage of priest Bíró László.

In 1928, the electrical lighting was installed.

In 1932, the church was fully renovated.

1936.01.00. The evangelic priest Biró László recommends the believers’ community in Suseni to build a new school, and to purchase the land and the house in front of the rectory to this end. The independent religious education starts between 1940 and 1949, when the nationalization started. Until 1954, it was a public Hungarian school; in 1955, they relocated to the old Hungarian school (garage), after which it became the Community Center of Electroprecizia Factory, and later on, in the ’80s it is used as a warehouse, in 1922, the City Hall leases it to a transportation company, which entirely destroys it, and as of 1995 it could no longer be used. In 1974, the church was fully renovated.

The mortuary chapel was established in 1983-ban.

Between 1984 and 1985, the rectory was modernized, a meeting room was built and the priest’s residence was expanded.

The church initiated a process for the retrocession of the former school building, the retrocession was ruled through a government retrocession, but the court of appeals in Brașov practically rejected it. Subsequently, in 2000, the believers’ community bought back the building entirely damaged in time from the new owner – in the meantime, Electroprecizia Factory entered it with the land registry - in exchange for 95, 000 lei. 2001.08.01. The reconstruction works were initiated, and on June 23rd 2007, Reverend Adorjányi Dezső, evangelical bishop and Reverend Zelenák József, evangelical archpriest, opened the Christian Home of the Csangos in Suseni. It should be mentioned that this is the only evangelical church with the cemetery in the churchyard, similarly to Catholic churches.