In 1544-ben, during Honterus’ visit, 73 families resided in Satulung. Back then, it hosted a Gothic chapel and a school.

In 1780, under the pasturage of priest Bartos Márton, the Gothic chapel was replaced by the first church, the only building that was not affected by the 1795 fire (45,6196° N; 25,7046° E; 640 m).

In 1865, the church acquired its current shape: 26.98m long; 11.28m wide; 25.05m high belfry.

The new altar of the church in Joseni was built in 1890 by the Wood carving school, and in 1891, the new organ was arranged.

In 1923, the believers’ community purchased a new bell.

In 1936, Kocsis János donated a new bell to the believers’ community in Joseni, but both bells were newly cast in 1978.